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Let's touch base on something that's been happening A LOT lately. Clients have been contacting me after undergoing a major expense of time and money to renovate their home with the intentions of selling it... But there's a huge problem.

It Sucks.
I'm very sorry to give you this news. Truly.

BEFORE you renovate your home to sell it, we need to understand what the current market value is of your home. One home might benefit from a new kitchen makeover, while another home might benefit from an investment in new windows, or an addition to the home, etc. 

The current market conditions, in your neighbourhood, and on your street will dictate exactly what you may or may not need to invest in. Now when it comes to refreshing some aesthetics in the home, remember that the style and direction you take will also attract a certain buyer. This is marketing 101.

TRUTH: People really do fall in love with the presentation of a home. The staging and presentation of your home will speak directly to a certain segment of the market. Is it young, hip & trendy? Or is it slick, regal and luxurious? etc etc etc

So here's what you actually need to do:

Don't shell out a single penny before we sit down and actually plan out what we're going to do to add value to your home. 9 times out of 10, people are surprised when they learn how homes are actually valued when compared to the other homes in their market. This data and information is usually only available to Realtors, and this is another key area where a GREAT Realtor is crucial.

Lets plan on getting your home sold.
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