Falafel Place

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Falafel Place

The Falafel Place, Ami Hassan. One and the same. One does not survive without the other, a symbiosis. If you look even for a minute, you can see it.

In the North American world of design and carefully constructed dining experiences, here is one that stands apart. Not designed, not fussy. Great food, and straight to the point. The space mimics the character of Ami. Warm, inviting, whimsical, kind. A lively place any time of the day. Paintings by local artists live side by side with the art of school children. Neither being better than the other, just different. 

This is the feeling one has when here. No one better than another, we are all different. All are welcome here. Every type of person... rich, poor, young, old, Jewish, Christian, religious or not. This is a place of peace, common ground for all, and not a place for judgment. All are equal before the falafel ball. Just sit down and enjoy being. A person that has, by practice or by accident, built a place like this, in my opinion, is a humanitarian of the highest order. 

Whether Ami knows it or not, this place, this space, is the physical manifestation of himself. All of his characteristics, quirks, and attitude emanate from it. No wonder he is happiest when he is here, as I am as happy to be there with him, in this little place of peace. The Falafel Place.