Winnipeg, a little effort, a big surprise.

Creating a local brand. Maintaining a local brand. And, supporting other local brands. This has been on the docket for my week. What I’ve discovered has surprised even me, a life long resident and local real estate brand, and I am sure it will surprise you too. All you need is a little gusto and a good attitude.

This city is changing. The younger business oriented generation is making it so. Why? Because we want it. The more you dig into the happenings, and get yourself more and more connected, the more you will learn. Winnipeg is a city that wants it, and there are many interesting, dynamic, intelligent people, willing to bust their asses, and put their money where their mouth is to make it so.

So, who are a few of these people, businesses and dynamic operators I speak of?? Over the next little while I will tell you some of the most impact to me, and this city. So stay tuned…

- Deer and Almond’s owner and Chef Mandel Hitzer, has really brought something new to the table. (all puns, always intended) If you asked me to explain what type of restaurant it is, and what type of food they serve, I would say, fun. Simply. Although I’ve never the opportunity to meet Mandel in person, I would say that he has spoke to me. You can gather a lot of information about someone by the food they have served you. And, I feel, without a doubt Mr. Hitzer, is here for a good time, for as long as he can have it, and will accept nothing less.

Case in point??

Looking for more interesting, dynamic, people making this city into what they want it to be??!

Well… I have the gusto and the good attitude to explore every nook and cranny of this city, and it’s people. The people changing this city.