The Truth About What Your Home is Worth

The truth is this… Your home is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it. You’ve surely heard this before. But what does this mean?

I’m referring to the value that a buyer sees in your home, and with the right guidance, we can show that buyer the value they are looking for.

Often, when meeting with a listing client, they have an idea of the price they think the property should list at. But the fact of the mater is just that… the facts. “What YOU, I, or ANYBODY else thinks your home is worth is irrelevant. What is relevant, is the facts”. What similar homes have recently sold in the area? How long did it take to sell them? What was the asking price compared to the selling price?

This formula brings good or bad news. But here’s the thing… Like I said before, it’s about value. If we can show the buyer as much value in your home as possible, it will typically attract more people wanting to buy it, and also fetch a higher price in the end.

So… how do we create value?

We’ve all heard that a fresh paintjob, or a quick fix here and there can make your home more attractive, but before you jump into tackling that project, consider this… Who is your buyer? Will they actually care about the renovation you’re planning on doing? Will it be worth it? Well, every buyer is different and they value different things. So… knowing what will be worth doing is everything.

Before jumping into any project, or making a guess on what your home might be worth, let’s sit down and talk about what your ideas are, go over other properties on the market, and chat about what we can do to position yours as the better listing. This will prevent your listing from being undervalued or presented in the wrong way, to the wrong market. Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of your property will help you understand your home’s value, and when you understand value, you understand what your home is worth.