Particularly Particular About Coffee.

Particularly particular about coffee, as his twitter page so eloquently suggests, is indeed reflected in his businesses. His name?… “That’s one of the best names that I have ever heard”, you say? “That may be the best cup of coffee I’ve ever had”, you say as well? Well… if you aren’t saying that, today is your day. You, the intrepid traveller, adventurer, seeker of fine wears and goods that this city has to offer. Like a diamond glittering, peeking through the (all to apparent) blanket of snow, hit by the sunlight, just right. There for all to see, if only one might slow down, breathe, and pay attention. Just for a minute, one can see it.

This gem I speak of, of course, is the one and only Parlour Coffee, and the owner of this fine establishment, Nils Vik.

A non-coffee drinker pre-2008, he became enamored with this black gold during a stint in Montreal, after a long-pour espresso and steamed milk. Of which, the likes of, he never before had. Inspired, and driven by the lack of the quality cup he so enjoyed, seemingly devoid in his home city. He saw the opportunity, and took it. To share his experiences with us.

When one walks into Parlour Coffee, or Little sister Coffee, (which is also owned by him and his “Little Sister”, by marriage, Vanessa Stachiw) The simplicity is the first thing noticed. No mega sized low fat double shot skinny frappa what hell am I ordering with my name on to make me feel special even when it’s spelled wrong every time! It’s B.O.B.B.Y. With extra whip cream as well, please and thank you…

“There is nothing charming about a 2000 square foot chain store. However, a 200 square foot coffee bar in an unexpected location is what you tell your friends and family about after you return from a trip to Europe – not about how you had a decent cup of over-roasted coffee at Starbucks in London.” – Nils Vik

Maybe Nils won’t write your name on the cup, or even remember it. But, it doesn’t matter. You will see in him, in his business partners, and in all their staff, genuine people, doing something they genuinely like doing. There is no wi-fi, there are only friends. Some of whom, you haven’t met yet, and some you have. So don’t be shy, the common thread is in your cup.

A business that was founded on an enjoyable experience. A business that is selling an enjoyable experience. A business man that has given us the opportunity to relive his experience, even if only for a few minutes. The atmosphere, crafted, simply, inviting a chat with a new friend or an old one. And one damn fine cup of coffee. Like the diamond, there for all to see. If only you might slow down, breathe, and pay attention. If just for a minute, you will see it too. Just how Nils intended.