Coal and Canary

Small batch. Hand poured. Local. Quality.
Coal and Canary. 

I feel any truly great business is lit with the spark of a passion. In this case, a passion for design, for quality, and for business. This business has surely turned that spark into a crackling little flame, and from it, the sweet smell of success. Or is that smell “Don’t be Chai”? I’m not sure, but in any case, I am very happy to have it around my home.

What can I say about Coal and Canary that you don’t already know? It’s a brand that has infiltrated all of our favorite coffee shops, boutiques, and favorite hangouts. They’re everywhere, and for good reason. Clever marketing and branding strategies have elevated and communicated an incredible product into our hearts. 

Perhaps a few things that you don’t know is that they are very much a Winnipeg company. Hand poured, designed, and crafted, right here in our backyard. High quality extracts and waxes, (soy and vegetable wax) leave the air clean and full of rich scent. Soy and vegetable wax being much better for people with allergies (me included) or asthma. And... they have a candy machine at their office headquarters, which is something I can really get on board with. 

Tom and Amanda have turned their passions into an incredible business to be very proud of. Like other people and businesses I feature in these blog posts, they are part of the common theme... inspiring. They are the proof that the spark of a passion can become a wild fire of success, spreading across the prairies, into our homes and into our hearts, one little flame at a time.