Let's Build Your New Dream Home.

It's easier than you think. I will help you through the process of building a brand new home in your favorite area in Winnipeg.


Signs that you might be ready to build new.

  • You've been searching the market, but you simply can't find anything you like or that's right for you. And you don't want the hassle of of a major renovation.
  • You've noticed that the costs of building a new home are similar to buying an older home, but you get exactly what you want...  And without a bidding war.

Building a new home SHOULD be an amazing experience.

It's an opportunity that not everyone gets in their lifetime. It should be simple, smooth, and absolutely amazing.

My mission is this... Clarity and communication. To make what can be a complicated process, a simple, enjoyable and exciting experience for you to enjoy.


First Things First.

With any home purchase, get a pro on your side.

As Realtors, we know of the best home builders in Winnipeg. We also understand our clients lifestyles and needs. Realtors provide technical knowledge, expertise and representation through the entire process.
Now, let's dive in...



We will meet and discuss your WANTS and your NEEDS. First, we'll determine your desired location, the size of house you want, the layout & floor plan best for you, what your budget is etc...

Separating what you want, and what you need is absolutely critical in these first few steps.



Not all home builders are equal. We'll choose a builder that best fits you. By visiting various show homes we'll see builder's work and determine:

  • What is the quality like?

  • What is the home builders reputation?

  • What is their customer service and aftercare like?

Some builders are known for their quality and customer service, while others are known for their use of unique materials and designs. Choosing the right builder that fits with you, will come down to what you want and what you need.



Choosing the design and layout, picking the colors, textures, and the finishing details. Adding warmth, style and character to your new home. This is arguably the best part of the process.

Several things will factor into the final price of the home, and will also affect the resale value of the home should you choose to sell in the future. This is an importat area we will address when the time comes.

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Once we've chosen the design, and made any changes by way of upgrades to the home, we prepare an offer to purchase the home based on the specifications.

When the offer to purchase is approved, The builder will draft the actual floor plans with any changes and submit them to engineers to be stamped for approval. Once this is completed, We're on to the next step...



It can take anywhere from a few months to a year to build a new home, depending on the season in which we start. 

During this process, we should receive regular updates on the progress and notifications of any delays or issues that could arise. But generally, this is where you sit back, relax and we let the builder do their work.



Once the build is complete, we will perform a final walk through and inspection with the home builder to ensure that everything has been done to specification.

If there are any incorrect or unfinished details, they will be addressed and discussed.



When your home is ready, you will receive your certificates of possession & warranty. You're then ready to move in and enjoy your new home.

In Manitoba, your new home will have a warranty provided through the National Warranty Program or the New Home Warranty Program of Manitoba. The home builder should also be on call to answer any questions or concerns you have with your new home, and provide you with reasonable maintenance should any issues arise within the first year.

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Let’s Go View Some New Homes Together.