Buying or selling doesn’t have to be complicated.

Home. More than a physical location. An emotion. An idea. Whether we know it or not, we are selling the idea of warmth, stability, family and security. We are selling a lasting experience.

With the Bobby L Wall team, we want that experience to be exceptional. Our personal spaces reflect our views of the world. A design that we interact with first thing in the morning and last thing at night. Our spaces are reflections of our values and beliefs, translated through texture, color, self expression...

From a persons first home, last home, or something in between, a new home is a significant change in the direction of their life. An emotional event that deserves to be handled correctly and professionally.

We love real estate. We love design, and we love crafting exceptional experiences. In this industry we feel that we are not just selling homes, we are selling lifestyles.




Winnipeg Realtor®

"Real Estate. Simply. This has been my motto since my very first day in this business. It represents my commitment to simplifying the transaction for every one of my clients. Through a system level of design, we can achieve this... Simply... Every time."

There are 1700+ Realtors in the city of Winnipeg. Very few stand out, Unless you are already one of Bobby’s clients you will not know him. You will not know the way in which he conducts business, or the high standards he insists from himself and his team.

An engineer by trade, Bobby began his career in real estate by combining his years of practical experience in the construction industry with his passions for hospitality and crafting great customer experiences. While starting off in an investing capacity, Bobby’s peers soon took notice of his abilities. And with encouragement from friends and neighbors, he himself became a licensed Realtor in 2009.

“We are in the business of standing out, and above the rest. With the talented team we’ve put together, and our proven marketing and business practices, we make the process smooth and seamless for clients. Our dedication to ensuring an exceptional experience, and efforts in continuing those relationships go well beyond a sale.”

Known for his sincerity, patience and ability to inspire, Bobby’s decision to become a Realtor has been reconfirmed as the correct one year after year with a growing network of clients and a steady upward trend of success.



Buyer & SELLER agent

As a life-long friendly Manitoban, Dustin Lagasse was born and raised in the community of St. Adolphe.

He acquired his first property in his early 20's and spent the next decade living and working in Winnipeg, where he ran his own business for 7 years.

During that time, Dustin not only extensively learned all areas of the city, but perhaps more importantly, learned the importance and the skill of excellent customer service, which he now brings to the real estate industry.

Dustin has a passion for delivering his client's an un-paralleled level of professionalism, and striving for trustworthy client relationships with every transaction. A proud member of the Bobby Wall team, Dustin carries the values of hard work, integrity, and outstanding client service into everything he does.

When Dustin isn't making home ownership dreams come true for his clients, he enjoys spending time exploring the outdoors, whether by foot, kayak, or mountain bike. Dustin now resides in the community of Ste. Agathe with his wife Aleah, and baby daughter, Signey.


Buyer & SELLER agent 

With years of experience in the industry, Monique has overseen more successful transactions than most agents in the city. Her incredible attention to detail, charming personality and hard work ethic has made her a true asset to our team.

With a diverse background in legal assistance and bookkeeping, Monique began her career with in 2008. Working directly with some of the city’s top agents, she has developed a deep understanding of what makes or breaks a good real estate deal.

“In my opinion, Bobby is one of those rare Realtors that actually does what he says he’ll do. Honest communication is the one of the most important parts throughout these transactions, and Bobby is truly great at that.” 

Beyond her expertise, Monique's love of real estate and her passion and dedication for the business are second to none.


Our Approach To Marketing

There’s an old proverb in marketing & advertising; “He who has a thing to sell, and goes and whispers in a well, is not so apt to get the dollars, as he who climbs a tree and hollars.” While it’s an amusing quote, it has been part of our philosophy and at the very core of our strategy to real estate sales. We believe that if you have something to sell, then you have to be loud.

Traditionally, real estate sales have relied heavily on a reactive based sales approach. Homes are simply listed as inventory and the sellers are compelled to wait for a response. Like a fisherman dangling his lure in the water and chatting with his comrades. Just hoping for the best.

...Any Bites?

While it’s commonplace for most business people to be using some sort of social media, or digital publishing platform. We all see them nervously reminding their audience of their existence. Or worse yet, spending countless hours communicating to a non-existent audience. For the most part, ease of use does not equal success.

Mastery is still an art form.

From day one, our approach to sales & marketing is entirely proactive. “Who is this property for?” “What makes this property special for them?” By crafting the right messaging and reaching directly to the matching market segments, we’re able to attract more qualified clients with a greater level of interest. This is by no means a new concept, but we feel it is a practice that has been lost over time.

Behind The Curtain:

Our marketing strategy is simple in theory and sophisticated in practice. We always start with high quality, professional listing photos and often shoot custom tailored videos to present each property.

Then, using a mix of traditional print marketing and advertising, we also incorporate highly advanced digital strategies from tools such as; Google Adwords, Youtube Re-marketing, Facebook and various online display networks. With these, we find matching clients based on their interests, demographics psycho-graphics and more.

Using our system, we’re able to present a property for sale, and reach well beyond audiences that are actively searching to purchase properties. Often, we’ll reach potential buyers who may not have been ready to begin their search for a property yet.

Simply put; they way in which we sell homes is at the cutting edge of modern sales strategies. Our listing and marketing systems are second to none in this region, and we’re extremely proud to have them available to assist in the sale of your home.


We believe that every home has its own unique character, that each home is extraordinary to itself, unlike any other. We also recognize that every buyer and seller are equally unparalleled and highly individual. It is with this mindset that we approach working with our clients.

We do not simply just list the homes we represent. We get to know each home intimately, from its one-of-a-kind features to its finite details. We combine this with an inherent understanding and knowledge of our clients, their individual goals, needs, taste, and interests and then harmonize both to ensure a precise, well-crafted buying or selling experience.

Just as every home and every client have their own unique character, so does every team member. We hand select our team with expertise in business, construction, marketing, economics and of course, real estate. They are high achievers from diverse fields and experts in the details and subtleties that define large asset negotiations. They possess a passion for fine architecture, and intimate, knowledge of their local areas. And they innately understand the finer points of caring for clients with a broad range of net worth, and even higher expectations.

We believe that great Realtors provide much more than a timely service. We recognize that trust is built over long term relationships and achieving great results with patience. Our dedication to 24/7 service means that we are always available for you, even for the most trivial of questions or concerns.

A great Realtor should protect your best interests, and guide you to new opportunities. A great Realtor will connect you to what you really want and connect you to your community.



For some, the home buying or selling process can be time consuming, complicated and sometimes stressful. We believe that regardless of your goals, you truly deserve to get what you want, and we’re committed to making that happen as smoothly as possible. We want you to have an amazing experience with us.

The first step is communication.
Call me. Tell me what you want, and I’ll tell you how we will get it.
- Bobby